About Cache

Chrome by Google - is the most popular web browser in the world and is favored by millions of people from different countries. Over time, like any other thing, your favorite browser needs service.
Hundreds of sites save various auxiliary files (pictures, css, sounds, graphics, etc.) to your hard drive to speed up the loading of their resources.

Cache - is a special place allocated for the browser where the text, pictures, video, a sound of the visited sites is stored for their fast display in the future.

Why do I need to clear the cache?

If you don’t conduct regular browser maintenance, your google chrome will fill up with a bunch of files from various resources every day, it will start to work slower and ultimately it will greatly affect its stable operation.

Also, if you do not clean the browser on time, your favorite sites may show outdated content, as it will be downloaded from your local storage.

About Cleaner

To avoid these problems, we created this Google Chrome Extension, to help you clear your: browsing history, cache files, download lists, autocomplete files, cookies, and much more.

How to use Cleaner

  • Select the parameters you need for cleaning
  • If you want to select everything, press the ALL button
  • If you want to set the default settings, click the DEFAULT
  • In the time section, select the TIME interval for cleaning
  • Press the big green START button

How to install?

How to uninstall?