How not to be deceived by a hacker in 2019?

The development of the Internet is not standing still. Every day, thousands of ways of cheating users appear on the network. They have one goal - to benefit from an inattentive user. Have you downloaded a fun app or game that your friend sent you? Are you sure that this link was sent by him personally, and not by a hacker on the other end of the screen? Or did your bank send an invoice to your mail, and without a doubt, you immediately clicked on the link or downloaded an innocuous text file? You already got caught.

What is phishing?

Phishing - is a fairly popular way of cheating on the Internet, the goal of which is to get a hacker to get your passwords, credit cards, photos, files, etc.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself while surfing the Internet.

- Carefully check the domain name (example:
- Do not enter your personal data on foreign sites
- Do not follow links from spam
- Do not use one password on all resources
- Do not install programs from suspicious sources
- Do not enter credit card information on unauthorized sites
- Use security software on your devices
- Be careful

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