Clear & Protect Your Chrome™

If your browser has started to work slowly, unexpectedly freeze, reboot, your favorite sites become incorrectly displayed, then we will help you!

Especially for such a case, we created Cleaner For Chrome™.

The Cleaner works with data such as:

  • App Сache - websites' appcache data
  • Cache - the browser's cache
  • Cookies - the browser's cookies
  • Downloads - the browser list of downloaded files
  • System Files - websites' file system data
  • Form Data - the browser's stored form data
  • History - the browser's history
  • IndexedDB - websites' IndexedDB data
  • Local Storage - websites' local storage data
  • Passwords - Сlears the browser's stored passwords
  • Extensions - Disable unwanted extensions

If you value privacy and security while surfing the Internet, we have developed Dr.Protect: Secure Search.

With this easy and useful extension, all your search queries and search results will be strictly monitored for relevance and dangerous sites. Also, you will get a beautiful and convenient new tab, which is easily customized and will bring you a lot of positive emotions.

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